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The national target of net zero by 2050 places a responsibility on all public sector bodies to achieve behavioural change within their communities. In particular, local authorities and transport providers are looking to seize the opportunity to put place and travel at the forefront of the UK’s journey towards sustainability.

We know this is no small undertaking, involving meticulous planning and complex project management, working with expert, innovative partners to achieve the required reduction in emissions. That’s where we can help.  We’re equally committed to achieving net zero by supporting local authorities to provide more energy efficient places to live and work, as well as helping transport providers to deliver greener travel.

At Capita, we put the citizen at the core of carbon neutrality. We can help you to achieve your net zero goals by using funding, infrastructure, technology, digital and automation to do things differently and really make a difference.

Key statistics

In numbers: helping transport providers and local authorities to achieve net zero


emission reductions in London


funding secured to optimise the public estate

34 million

how many people in the UK we’ve helped to travel more safely, sustainably and affordably


saved in energy bills each year for Blackburn with Darwen Council


Report: How local authorities and transport providers can drive sustainable behaviours

A year on from the launch of the government’s net zero strategy, our research has found that the public is still confused about who’s responsible for implementing carbon reduction measures and the support available at a local and national level.


  • 71% of citizens are not aware of their local council’s net zero targets
  • 45% of 18-24 year olds don’t recognise the role of transport providers in delivering net zero goals
  • 57% are not aware of their local council doing anything to reduce the area’s carbon footprint


Read our exclusive report to find out how you can keep people informed and engaged with the progress you’re making to help clear up the net zero confusion.

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Achieving net zero

Achieving net zero: Decarbonising homes and public buildings

With zero-carbon targets for public organisations sharpening the focus on what needs to be achieved by 2050, many local authorities are considering how they can create greener communities. Find out how we can support you with your decarbonisation plans, whatever stage you’re at, and take a look our insights, videos and other useful resources designed to help you with reducing your carbon footprint.

Achieving net zero: Decarbonising transport

Government targets to reduce the impact of travel on the environment mean today’s transport providers have an important role. We understand the balance of achieving those ambitions whilst keeping costs down. Find out how we’re working with the country’s largest providers, applying our expertise to help tackle these challenges and take a look at our useful resources designed to help with shifting attitudes to travel.

Our solutions

Services to help with sustainable travel and buildings

kids playing

Useful insights and resources to help you towards net zero

A new plan for the railway

The Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail represents the biggest change to the railways in 25 years. Here’s what you need to know.

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Data-led decarbonisation in public housing

Read how data can support the decarbonisation agenda in the public housing sector.

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The bigger picture

Productivity and citizen experience

Free valuable resources to focus on what matters

We help you use data, technology and our process knowhow to make local public services more effective so you’re free to focus on what really matters.

Deliver insightful services to reach better outcomes

We’re working with public sector organisations to make citizen experiences more effective, more efficient and more flexible.

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