Using intelligent automation as the catalyst for digital transformation

Intelligent automation, a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, is a proven game-changer for government departments, agencies and public bodies seeking to digitally transform their operations and deliver better citizen outcomes. By increasing the efficiency of information-based work, intelligent automation can streamline processes, improve decision-making and optimise resource allocation. 

As a long-term government partner, with a shared commitment to maintaining headcounts and improving employee productivity, we apply our deep understanding of the unique public sector landscape to help you see the big picture, intelligently connecting areas of automation for the greatest impact. 

Working with best-in-class technology leaders, our scalable, end-to-end automation roadmap covers everything from concept and delivery to ongoing support and optimisation. And, with greater clarity of your processes and a detailed audit trail, compliance with regulations is also made easier. 

Embedding intelligent automation is more than just a technological upgrade. It’s a commitment to government being more agile, responsive and citizen-focused, allowing you to deliver efficiencies, cost savings and better citizen outcomes to enable communities to thrive.

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Transforming to a citizen-centric model with intelligent automation

Introducing Capita’s panel discussion at Tech UK’s 'Building the smarter state' conference with partners Microsoft and ISG - watch the video ⤴

We’ve also summarised the panel discussion in an article which you can access via the button below.

Key statistics


> 175 organisations

➥ Who we provide end-to-end world-class RPA services to, including their 35 million customers.


68% cost reductions

➥ Achieved resulting from the implementation of our automation solution.


£3 million cost saving

➥ How much our automation solution saved one organisation on procurement.

Case studies

Read about our work

Accelerating complex claims for vulnerable people

When the Financial Services Compensation Scheme had to deal with 700,000 claims quickly, we compressed the process from 8 months to 3 weeks, enabling faster support.

Read the case study
Using automation to simplify council tax support

We’ve been supporting the Anglia Revenues Partnership since 2019 to make timely and accurate Universal Credit awards while saving money and staff time.

Read the case study
Optimising processes to serve citizens quickly and efficiently

Chorley Council was better able to manage the 100% increase in Universal Credit by optimising the automation processes introduced with Capita.

Read the case study
Streamlining housing benefit calculations

We developed a solution to help a shared services partnership to reduce their yearly manual workload of 4,000 VEP alerts.

Read the case study
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See how intelligent automation can improve efficiency and citizen experience

Toggle through the interactive feature below to see how intelligent automation can help to address your most pressing challenges and achieve transformative results across all government departments and agencies.
Our latest videos

Start small. Go big. Or scale fast.

Our automation experts take an end-to-end approach to give you a robust automation roadmap from concept and delivery to ongoing support and optimisation. Watch our latest videos to learn how our experts have helped clients to adopt smarter technologies and improve public sector performance.


Automation and AI for government

Capita’s experts Jess and Jiten share their insights on the benefits of automation and AI for government.


Supporting digital transformation

We explain our approach to digitising over 15 time-consuming citizen-service processes for one public sector organisation.


Transforming experience in central government

When a central government department was struggling to manage a spike in claims, we introduced intelligent automation to improve citizen experience.


UiPath, Capita and end-to-end automation

How Capita and UiPath work together to deliver end-to-end automation solutions for the public sector.


Automation insights for public sector organisations



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Meet our automation experts

Piers Campbell

Piers Campbell

Data and AI Guild Lead, Capita

Piers is an award-winning digital leader with a proven track record of building teams that drive business transformation and deliver tangible benefits. Piers has cultivated a strong collaborative approach and honed client-facing skills at the CxO level across a range of commercial sectors and governmental organisations. He currently leads the digital transformation team for Capita Public Services leveraging digital innovation to design and build the next generation of public services.

Jiten Patel

Jiten Patel

Intelligent Automation Consultant, Capita

Jiten is an automation consultant at Capita within the Consult and Transform business. Working closely with clients he identifies and consults on areas of improvement by leveraging automation and AI capabilities to support client challenges and enable them to transform their business. Jiten’s background is in automation and service transition, delivering client automated solutions with minimal impact to a business.

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