With a significant property portfolio, NHS property managers are balancing priorities such as integration as part of the ICS agenda as well as introducing innovative solutions and smart environments to reduce costs and improve the experience of staff and patients.

With over 20 years’ experience supporting the public sector with property requirements, we ensure your properties are not only safe and compliant for those who use them, but that they’re cost-efficient and sustainable. Our transactional estates experts can review, assess, create strategies and advise on your property portfolio; our facilities management team delivers effective and efficient spaces within your building(s); and our maintenance and compliance professionals ensure your building - and its equipment and assets - remain compliant at all times.

Healthcare property and infrastructure isn’t just about costs or estate strategies but about people and the lived experience. NHS estates have a significant influence on how patients, carers and NHS staff experience healthcare, and how it can be safely and effectively delivered. From reducing patient anxiety to improving safety, infection control and staff wellbeing, it’s more than passive facilities management. In addition, technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) make estates, their assets and the environment around them rich sources of valuable information. This data can provide real-time insight into clinical performance and healthcare experiences.

Whether providing an on-off service or supporting organisations without the required in-house capacity, we provide flexible expertise when you need it. And with wide experience of working across a variety of estates, such as local authority buildings, social housing, universities and NHS buildings, including hospitals and health centres, we’re ideally placed to support you with the ICS agenda. We also provide expert and flexible planning and building control resilience to support major regeneration schemes to achieve their renovation projects.

Key statistics

In numbers: Capita and property asset management


➥  The building regulation applications we deliver on time.


➥  estimated savings generated over the next 15 years through a major public sector property rationalisation programme.

14,000 hours

➥  planning and building control resilience support delivered every month to over 100 public sector organisations.

Focus on net zero

Public sector bodies have been given zero-carbon targets to help reach net zero by 2050. But with some 300,000 public properties contributing 3% of all carbon emissions in the UK, in many cases this will mean retrofitting whole buildings - even estates - to ensure they’re energy-efficient. Such scale of work requires additional expertise, skills and resource capacity.

Our experienced property specialists can help, providing advice, planning and business case submission on energy efficiency measures across your property portfolio. We work side by side with your teams, applying advanced data analytics skills and funding knowledge alongside construction and building surveying expertise to deliver the best value to you.

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Our estates and infrastructure services

Smart healthcare environments

We apply smart building technologies such as IoT and analytics to enhance patient and staff experience, save energy, and improve performance and outcomes.

Transactional estates

Our transactional estates experts can review, assess, create strategies and advise on your property portfolio.

Property maintenance and facilities management

Our facilities management and maintenance service delivers effective and efficient spaces within your buildings or corporate estate.

Building, surveying, property and compliance

Our services are helping to ensure that local authority buildings are compliant with all legislative and statutory requirements.

Project management office

Our project management service is helping local authority construction teams to deliver some of the most challenging and complex projects for local residents across the UK.

PFI contract lifecycle management

Our expert surveyors provide tailored support throughout your PFI contract, to help you with the maintenance, compliance and management of property assets.

Decarbonising public buildings

Our property lifecycle surveyors support you with the advice, planning and business case submission to ensure energy-efficient public sector buildings and social housing.

Planning services

Our planning services include planning policy, development management and specialist support for immediate, on-demand access to planning professionals.

Building control

We can manage all aspects of building control, freeing up your teams to deliver other core services. Our solutions are flexible and can be switched on and off to meet demand.

Regulatory services

Our regulatory services team is helping organisations – who don't have the capacity – to maintain efficiencies, reduce costs and protect their communities.

Case studies

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We teamed up with Trafford Council to enable a wide-scale, complex planning application to help local sustain economic rejuvenation and sustainability.

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Using technology to transform physical wellbeing in public buildings

In just three months, the deployment of intelligent sensors across a region’s schools – and the wider area – is enabling a host of benefits to public sector bodies and citizens.

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Integrating the PFI estate into your existing NHS assets

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