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We can help you make the most of your resources in government by building a better way of working and putting innovative new solutions in place. This helps you deliver high-performance public services – and gives you the space to focus on what really matters to improve every citizen’s future.

Let’s put everything you’ve done into everything you do.

Key statistics

We can help you build a stronger society by working more productively, more innovatively and more efficiently


➥ The amount of client expenditure we manage across multiple industries


➥ The value of public funds we currently help government departments to disburse every year


➥ How much spending we helped the government to reduce in 2019


➥ The reduction of payroll processing times- from 20 hours to 15 minutes a week

Here’s how we can help

Disbursement of funds

Improving outcomes for citizens by ensuring funds are disbursed quickly and effectively to those that need financial support the most

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Supply chain recovery

Bringing back stability to disrupted supply chains through automated processes, agile procurement and collaboration tools.


Innovation for good

Delivering private innovation for public good by helping government to create new revenue streams and maximise the potential of existing assets.


Skills development and deployment

Attracting, developing and harnessing talent within l government by identifying clear skill gaps and providing better opportunities.

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Case studies

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It’s very much increasing the efficiency of our response in terms of being able to augment or reduce attendances as and when we get the fuller picture.


Graham McCann

West Midlands Fire Control


Solving the UK’s productivity puzzle

Why is productivity lower in the UK than in many other countries? In this new podcast from Capita and The Productivity Institute, the latest research reveals where we can all improve.

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