Creating breathing space for the NHS

In the high-stakes environment of healthcare, the NHS faces a complex multiple of challenges: navigating capacity constraints, addressing funding dilemmas, and reducing patient waiting times. These challenges, at their core, arise from an intricate imbalance between financial resources, operational capacity, and escalating patient demand—a productivity puzzle that demands not only innovative but also pragmatic agile solutions.

To effectively address these challenges, the NHS urgently requires substantial headroom. Expanding capacity is crucial—streamlining operations, optimising resource allocation, and enhancing patient care standards. This shift not only converts systemic pressures into opportunities but also supports the future proofing of patient needs. With this increased headroom, the NHS will be better equipped to overcome today’s challenges and confidently prepare for future demands.

This strategic expansion of capacity is essential in transforming how the NHS operates and ensuring it can deliver exceptional care without compromise.

Creating breathing space for the NHS is more than just alleviating immediate pressures; it’s about building a foundation for sustainable growth and improved patient care. Our suite of solutions is designed to address the multifaceted needs of the NHS, ensuring that every measure not only supports but actively enhances the capacity to deliver exceptional healthcare.


£146 million

➥   What we saved an NHS body in real terms over 5 years.


6,500 GP practices

➥   How many we support with a range of digital services.


Multiple ICSs

➥   We’re helping integrated care systems with innovative self-funding and benefits models.

Why Capita

Your productivity delivery partner

Working with us means opting for a delivery partner who not only understands the challenges faced by the NHS but is committed to solving them with solutions that are agile and crafted with the aim of addressing immediate challenges. We focus on action and dedicated to delivering real, measurable results, ensuring that every action taken is a step towards a more efficient, sustainable, and patient-centred NHS.

Our promise when you partner with us:

Real impact

We deliver tangible, practical solutions that rapidly enhance NHS productivity outcomes. Each initiative is designed to make a significant and beneficial difference.


Our expertise spans from providing quick, short-term fixes to engineering long-term advancements, ensuring that our strategies address current needs and pave the way for sustainable growth.

Measurable results

We stand by the effectiveness of our solutions with a commitment to measurable outcomes. Our focus remains on creating visible improvements that validate your investment. We’re also not afraid to take on risk.


Partnering with us is a cost-effective choice. We’re focused on delivering excellent value services and ensuring that you receive optimal results without excessive expenditure. We guarantee savings and take on risks.

Creating rapid cost savings

We help you to release funds quickly for you to invest back into essential services for patients

To be able to support patients and delivery essential services, every penny counts more than ever for the NHS. Through our procurement, estates rationalisation and sustainability initiatives, we save costs and reinvent how these genuine cash savings fuel further innovation within the NHS.  We deliver:

  • innovative procurement solutions with guaranteed savings
  • guaranteed energy cost savings
  • net zero capital outlay avoidance solutions
  • PFI non-compliant works cost recovery/estates optimisation
Discover how our solutions have delivered real financial returns for the NHS:



➥ Annual procurement savings



➥ energy savings identified



➥ Non-compliant PFI works identified



➥ Saved annually through asset rationalisation

Creating rapid cost savings - highlights:

Improved patient care through procurement transformation

Our new procurement service at CLCH has enhanced healthcare for two million people, saved millions of pounds and boosted productivity.

Read the case study
Generating significant savings and improving patient care for an ICS

Hertfordshire and West Essex ICS now has a high performing procurement function with the right skills, systems and tools to deliver significant saving.

Read the case study

    Our strategic procurement services are meticulously designed to not just save costs but to reinvent how these savings fuel further innovation within the NHS. Through our guaranteed saving programme, our commitment goes beyond just identifying savings opportunities; we ensure these are realised, providing a tangible return on investment that supports the NHS’ mission.

    Sustainability and net zero

    Wherever you are on your decarbonisation and energy saving journey, we can help. We work side-by-side with you to provide planning and business case support to enable energy efficiency measures across your NHS buildings. We apply advanced data analytics skills and funding and have solutions that provide guaranteed energy cost savings and avoid capital outlay, ultimately contributing to a greener NHS.

    Property and estates management

    By addressing challenges across the NHS Estate, we aim to minimise the impact of estate conditions and burdens on NHS operations and enhance overall efficiency and identify cost savings. We do this through optimising and rationalising existing estates and mitigating costly repairs on PFI estates and facilitating remediation costs.

    Unlocking efficiency

    Helping you to unlock efficiency and make a bigger difference

    Through our expertise in automation, AI and information management and estate optimisation, we simplify the NHS’s most complex operations. This not only frees healthcare professionals to focus on what’s most important, but it also boosts overall productivity. We support with:

    • automating and streamlining processes
    • intelligent information management
    • artificial intelligence
    • shared services
    • virtual care
    The transformative impact of our productivity and efficiency-enhancing solutions


    12 million medical records

    ➥ Processed for over 6,000 GP practices, significantly enhancing access and efficiency in patient data management.


    55.2 million pages

    ➥ Scanned for an NHS trust, dramatically improving retrieval times.


    50% reduction in processing times

    ➥ Achieved through automation, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of annual pension calculations for a primary care provider.

    Unlocking efficiency - highlights

    Digitising hospital health records whilst ensuring interoperability

    Optimising health records management is crucial for NHS and private healthcare organisations, reducing clinical risks, costs and enhancing both productivity and reputation.

    Read the case study
    Transforming communications management for DWP

    Assessing over 200,000 PIP claimants annually and managing multichannel communications, enhancing responsiveness, productivity, and sustainability.

    Read the case study
    Unlocking efficiencies for GP practices through digital transformation

    Find out how we’re helping to deliver practical and agile digital management solutions for GP practices.

    Read the article
    Productivity prescription: giving the NHS space to breathe

    As an NHS partner, we’re aware of the difficulties in realising ambitious goals within a service that’s facing genuine challenges and talk about tackling productivity and innovation head-on.

    Read the article
      Automation and AI

      Our fusion of AI and automation enables the quicker completion of tasks, reduces admin and streamlines service delivery. This allows NHS teams to focus on meaningful, valuable activities while boosting efficiency. 

      Overlooking these opportunities can lead to bottlenecks in services and dissatisfied citizens, whereas seizing them can propel communities forward, enhance patient experience and support the most vulnerable.

      Information Management

      Managing the flow – in and out - of huge daily volumes of data and information is a challenge to carry out efficiently. With our integrated communication and digitisation solutions, we deliver all the key services you need to keep operations running, as well as providing support with your digital roadmap and storing and digitising medical records.

      Virtual Care

      Our virtual care hub comprises a suite of over 25 enabling operational services designed to operate within local systems across the full-service lifecycle, from design and mobilisation to operational delivery and support. 

      These enable you to manage capacity and demand against a range of virtual options wider than simply supporting discharge from secondary care.

      Connecting data to allow efficient decision-making

      By utilising data analytics and AI, we transform how the NHS operates, offering deep insights into patient care trends, resource management, and risk forecasting to empower more informed, impactful decision-making.

      Our data-driven strategies enhance patient care, tailoring solutions to meet the complex needs of healthcare delivery. Our focus is to drive tangible improvements in patient outcomes and satisfaction, ensuring a better experience for all. We leverage data to provide the NHS with deep insights, helping to solve complex problems and forecast risks for vulnerable people.

      Our services include: 

      • data strategy and artificial intelligence
      • utilising multi-agency data sharing


      > 5,000 assets

      ➥ At South Tees Hospital are tracked in real-time using the Internet of Things (IoT) and significantly improving asset management and operational efficiency.


      18 data sources

      ➥ Fused for Greater Manchester Police, resulting in the creation of 100 operational reports and dashboards using data science and AI


      46 legacy data systems nationally

      ➥ Migrated into a single platform for Police Scotland, streamlining access and decision-making.

      Connecting data - highlights

      Helping vulnerable families in Milton Keynes get support sooner.

      We’ve enabled Milton Keynes City Council to quickly share education, social care and youth data, cutting the process to get a full picture of a family.

      Read the case study
      Transforming the futures of vulnerable citizens

      A joint venture with a city in Southeast England has transformed the lives of thousands of families.

      Read the case study
        Single View

        Access and view data from all of your sources in one place with Single View dashboards, and make more timely decisions based on proactive deprivation indicators. Real-time data integration reporting helps you interpret data to make early interventions, so you can safeguard families, children and vulnerable adults - before they reach crisis point.

        Digital connectivity

        Our digital connectivity solutions create the backbone of your future-ready NHS Trust. From design to deployment, we work with you to build the connectivity now essential for a digitally connected health service.

        IT services

        We can support the ongoing health and maintenance of your IT estate by providing the tools, visibility and insight needed to drive consistent performance. 

        Alternatively, our field engineers can ensure that, when things do go wrong, local engineers are on hand and ready to respond quickly, reducing the time it takes to resolve problems.

        Case studies

        Read more about our work

        Primary Care Support England

        We support every GP practice in England with a broad range of digital, logistical and support services on a national scale, delivered locally.

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        Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN)

        Find out how we deliver the technology that underpins Scotland’s health and social care system with a 98% satisfaction level from public sector respondents.

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