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The quality of pension scheme data can be either an enabler or a barrier to whether a pension scheme meets the needs of members, trustees, the employer and other stakeholders.

Many trustees are struggling to keep up with the increasing regulation and subsequent data rectification initiatives impacting their schemes, putting themselves at risk of failing to meet their obligations. Banks and insurance companies are also facing the same challenge, with multi-million pound fines being handed out for failing to comply with data requirements.

We’re supporting our clients to meet their pensions scheme data and regulatory requirements, from data strategy, to tracing and remediation.  Our pensions administration team is one of the largest in the UK and is highly experienced in managing large rectification projects, including GMP rectification and equalisation, and running some of the most complex pension arrangements.

Our data team is supporting clients with a wide breadth of remediation projects, developing strategies to ensure schemes’ data requirements are fit for the future, allowing you to meet regulatory compliance and ensure your customers and scheme members - past and present - don’t lose out.

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➥ permanent UK team of trained, multiskilled and experienced staff


➥ GMP equalisation exercises undertaken


➥ deceased traces over the last three years

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