Saving time and money with a compliant procurement route to access solutions for your organisation

Procurement frameworks provide an easier route to understand and evaluate how suppliers can help customers achieve their outcomes through access to standardised forms, contracts and templates. We work with PBOs and Framework Authorities such as Crown Commercial Service (CCS), Scottish Government, National Procurement Service Wales, ESPO, YPO, KCS Procurement Services, NHS Shared Business Services and directly with clients such as the DWP, NHS, National Rail, Highways England and a number of local government organisations.

We can also quickly deliver discrete services from some of our existing Government partnerships and Joint Ventures in a similar way to a framework.

Framework information

Capita’s solutions can be accessed through almost 100 different public sector buying frameworks. Below is a summary of information on some of the most widely used agreements. If you are interested in a particular framework which you can’t see here, please get in touch with

Consulting & transformation


    This is a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework for all public sector customers to access advisory and consultancy services. Services are provided by employed consultants on a time and materials basis, according to a framework pricing schedule.

    Start date: 24/08/2021 End date: 23/08/2025

    More information

    This framework covers all forms of consulting activities from business services through to health & social care and major infrastructure projects. Capita has been awarded a place on the following lots:

    Lot 3 - Complex & Transformation
    Lot 5 - HR
    Lot 6 - Procurement & Supply Chain
    Lot 8 - Infrastructure including transport
    Lot 9 - Environmental Sustainability & Socio-Economic Development

    How to buy

    A digital filtering tool is available to sift suppliers by specialism and identify those capable of meeting your needs. Further competition is the default route to market for this framework.

    Visit RM6187 on the Crown Commercial Service website for full details.

    How Capita can help

    Our consulting team are deep industry and process experts who don’t just advise - they build, implement and operate real and effective solutions.

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    This framework set up and managed by ESPO can be used by all public sector bodies for a broad range of consultancy requirements.

    Start date: 01/09/2021 End date: 31/08/2025

    More information

    The framework consists of 10 lots. Capita has been awarded a place on the following lots:

    Lot 1: Business Services
    Lot 2e: Procurement
    Lot 2f: Revenue and Benefits
    Lot 8a: Asset Management and Delivery
    Lot 8d: Health and Safety
    Lot 8g: Regeneration and Regional Development

    How to buy

    Purchasing through this framework can be done through direct award or further competition. Visit Consultancy Services 664 on the ESPO website for more information.

    How Capita can help

    Our clients are asking for a different kind of consulting. Their customers and communities are changing rapidly – so they need to move quickly not incrementally.

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    Digital, data & technology services


      TePAS 2 is a Crown Commercial Services framework which provides public sector buyers with a flexible way to buy technology products and associated services – including end user devices, technology infrastructure and software needs.

      Start date: 31/10/2023 End date: 09/04/2026

      More information

      Capita is a supplier in the following Lots:

      • Lot 3 Software
      • Lot 5 Health and Social Care Technology
      • Lot 6 Education Technology
      • Lot 8 Technology Catalogue
      How to buy

      You can purchase through this framework by direct award or further competition.

      Visit RM6098 on the Crown Commercial Service Website for full details.

      How Capita can help

      We are one of the largest digital and IT organisations in the country and through our expertise and scale are able to provide public sector buyers with a flexible way to buy technology products and associated services.

      Crown Commercial Services
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      This Crown Commercial Service framework facilitates the purchase of commoditised, cloud-based services via the Digital Marketplace.

      Start date: 09/11/2022 End date: 08/11/2024

      More information

      G Cloud provides access to the latest technology and innovation through a regularly refreshed agreement which contains four lots:
      Lot 1: Cloud Hosting
      Lot 2: Cloud Software
      Lot 3: Cloud Support
      Lot 4: Cloud Support – Further Competition

      How to buy

      Follow the six-step buying process on the Digital Marketplace.

      Visit RM1557.13 on the Crown Commercial Service website for full details.

      How Capita can help

      Game changer in business agility: compare and commission industry-proven digital and technology solutions to expand your capabilities and achieve greater efficiency and quality for citizens.

      Crown Commercial Services