We’re the experts who know how to answer the modern business challenges of today. Our teams don’t just advise – we analyse, plan, build, implement – and above all partner with businesses, to help them grow and digitally transform in real, meaningful ways.

Customers, competitors and technologies are changing at a rapid rate. So we’re here to help our clients get up to speed with new technologies and adapt to responsible ways of working. Every day, over 35 million people benefit from the services we provide and we use that data and insight to produce digital strategies that make a difference. We prototype our solutions to show how fast we can integrate them, we scale up and down with help from our digital factory and we measure everything we do, to continue learning and developing. 

As a team, that means we’re entrepreneurial, creative, and passionate about innovation. We listen to each other, and welcome ideas from everyone, so that we’re always working together to create better solutions.

Capita Public Service & Capita Experience

What is consulting at Capita?

Our teams work with cutting edge technology on a wide variety of projects which offer the kind of experience you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Our squads are split between our two divisions – Capita Public Service and Capita Experience.

Within our Public Service division we support sectors including health, central and local government, education, emergency services, police and justice. Our Experience division clients might be within banking, telecoms, utilities, insurance, life and pensions, transport or retail.

Here are just a few of the types of projects you could be part of:

Working with AI chatbots to improve conversations

With nearly 70% of consumers now using messaging instead of phone calls to interact with brands, many organisations want help to digitally transform how they interact with their customers. Our digital squads design AI chatbots for our clients, such as local authorities and major insurance companies.

The team maps out a customer journey for all the different branches of conversation, designs the dialogue the bot will have with customers, builds and deploys the bot using low-code tools, trains it to identify user intents, and finally tests it with real customers to get feedback on how to improve it.

Using heat maps to understand how people feel

A while back, we built a data analytics platform which pulls data from a variety of sources, including social media, to help predict incidents that need an emergency service response. This platform was recently adapted to analyse social media posts across the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We created sentiment heat maps to understand how the UK was feeling; for example, how mobility had changed since lockdown, and how the UK compared to other countries. It was particularly useful to show how the UK felt after government announcements and offers insight into how to frame messages which will resonate best with the public.

Building custom technology to speed up claims

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protects customers by enabling them to claim against financial services firms that have failed or miss-sold.

After a large investment fund collapsed the FSCS needed to process a huge number of claims as quickly as possible and this involved listening to and analysing more than 70,000 voice recordings. We used Microsoft’s Azure Speech Services alongside our own tools to build a custom speech-to-text model. We designed it to search against sector-specific words and then to categorise claims and identify evidence. The solution has reduced the process from eight months to three weeks and is more accurate than anything existing in the financial services sector.

Applying for a role at Capita



Apply online through our recruitment system Workday



Discuss the role with our recruitment team



Complete face to face or virtual interview


Pre-employment screening

Complete our standard pre-employment screening checks



Submit your employment documents and join the team

Typical roles

Our roles sit within six main guilds; data, artificial intelligence and annuities; digital and cloud; people, process and organisation; digital practice; secure government and customer experience. For each new project, we bring together experts from these guilds into multi-functional squads. Here are a few of the typical roles you can find within some of these guilds:

    This includes the data analysts, architects, engineers and scientists that sit within our data science teams. They assist blue-chip clients with any information management challenges they have and help to uncover insights within their data. We also have AI and automation experts who work with customers and partners to understand and make the most of AI and automation. They combine their expertise in technology, with an understanding of customer profiles and target markets, to address customer challenges and integrate with existing IT systems and applications. These teams are exploring the new capabilities of AI and shaping the future of automation within our business.

    We have cloud engineers who are responsible for the design, execution and hands-on delivery of cloud solutions. They work with Azure or AWS and with customers at all skill levels to identify and take advantage of the benefits of public cloud. This guild also includes Low code platform experts who are helping to build a strong innovative development culture, so that we can grow our propositions and retain our customers. They’re defining and implementing development methodologies, creating a fail-fast validated learning approach for quarterly products and introducing data-based success metrics.

    Our product owners sit within this guild as they’re the experts on a specific digital product set. They are there to assist with implementing products within a customer solution and supporting the product management team day-to-day. They offer advice and problem solutions for customers and help the desk staff with implementation, customisation, queries, and product issues. This guild also includes our team of consultants across a variety of specialisms including digital transformation, solutions design and business change. They work closely with our clients to design and deliver solutions that are innovative and make use of the breadth of capabilities and expertise we have to offer.

    With roles ranging from service designers to insight leads, our colleagues work together to identify the best customer experience for our clients. We believe design makes a difference. By working side by side with our clients, our customer experience teams better understand the relationships that drive their organisation, uncover new insights, and deliver the critical experiences that make a difference. Harnessing the power of data, analytics and qualitative research, we explore the end-to-end customer journey across all channels.



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