We understand the competitive environment you operate in, and the increasing expectations of the customers you seek to attract and retain. All this against a backdrop of constantly evolving socio-economic factors where your agility as a business is key to staying ahead.

At Capita, we create seamless retail experiences. We look at the big picture, to make every small moment count, strengthening businesses so they can adapt as markets and customer demand continue to change.

Our expertise in analytics and insight powers our understanding of your customers’ behaviours, pinch points and unmet needs: we help you leverage this insight so you can put people, processes, and proactive projects in place to exceed customer expectations and keep your business both front-of-mind and ahead of the game.

With a diagnostic review we supported one of the UK’s largest weekly payment retailers to reduce complaint volumes and processing times, resulting in more ‘same day’ resolutions equating to 30% FTE savings.

Key statistics


➥ conversations handled every year through our range of managed contact centres


➥ In business rates managed yearly for some of the UK's biggest retailers

19% improvement

➥ In online conversion rate with predictive analytics

How we help your retail business to thrive


Transforming customer experience

We look at the whole customer journey, from the first touchpoint a customer has with you, to back-end functions and how they support seamless experiences. This includes introducing the latest technology to empower your people to make human-centred, empathetic and lasting connections.


Empowering people, enhancing culture

Helping your people to perform at their best ensures they’re pivoted to support your organisation’s success. Specialist training, bespoke learning and development, and access to the latest smart technologies such as automation and AI are just some of the ways we help to keep your people on top of their game.


Improving organisational agility

In a fast-moving business like retail, having the flexibility to respond to opportunities and unforeseen challenges requires an agile structure. Our retail experts help to put adaptable operating models in place to prepare you for whatever the future holds.

Strengthening resilience for sustainable growth

Looking at the big picture means being able to respond proactively to social and environmental imperatives: our joined-up approach delivers growth in revenue, share of wallet and loyalty. From technologies which enhance online and offline experiences, to analytics which provide the insight to invest in the right stock and people, you can stay ahead of evolving customer attitudes, needs and buying behaviour.

Providing empathetic customer service support

With 2022 being billed as the ‘year of the squeeze', we can help by applying data and insights to identify vulnerable and newly vulnerable customers so that you can provide empathetic support. We also help you understand customer behaviour to prevent debt and proactive interventions.

A global customer experience delivery network

The diversity of our customer experience delivery network means we can offer our clients flexibility, specialist skills, resources and technology, quality and cost-effectiveness through our onshore, nearshore and offshore locations.

Helping retailers to manage surges in demand


There'll always be times when the pressure on your teams is higher than usual.

With the latest automation and artificial intelligence tools we can help you reduce the number of people required to deal with surges in demand, ensuring you can deliver excellent service all year round. To truly understand these peaks, we run a rapid scan, diagnostic and an ideation workshop to quickly provide the right solution to meet your aims.

Case study: how we helped

One of the UK’s largest weekly payment retailers was experiencing spikes in complaint volumes due to pressure from claims management companies. Our diagnostic review identified opportunities to reduce complaint volumes as well as reducing processing times/hand offs, resulting in more ‘same day’ resolutions which equate to 30% FTE savings.

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The changing landscape for retail


With shopping habits permanently changed and in-app purchasing on the rise, customers are seeking inspiration from a rich variety of media and social channels and marketplaces. The discovery phase of their journey is continuous as the line between shopping and entertainment continues to blur.


In a world of immediacy, where many retail businesses have been raising the bar in terms of delivery, customers want and expect seamless, frictionless experiences. This makes it even more important - with shipment delays and supply chain issues prevailing - to focus on preventing drop offs in availability and service.


Our research shows that, when comparing and shortlisting products, consumers are seeking the personalisation of human interaction, mixed with the efficiency and speed of digital – and all in real-time.


Unlocking advocacy is about more than online reviews. Consumers are looking for retailers who stay true to their values – specifically around sustainability and purpose. To be prepared to advocate, they must have positive experiences that build trust.


Customers want retailers to improve purchasing experiences through convenient, frictionless payment options, including one-click transactions, and buy now and pay later.



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