Transforming learning development to improve productivity and growth

UK productivity has been highlighted as an economic weakness for over a decade. Yet, in response to the pandemic, businesses have shown that they can utilise technology to create entirely new ways of working. UK businesses have shown just how innovative they can be.

However, when it comes to learning and development, many are still unprepared for the seismic shifts in the types of roles they’re likely to need in future. AI, automation and machine learning are changing the face of the workplace. For UK productivity to improve, businesses need to provide opportunities for employees to upskill and reskill, and this requires a culture of continuous learning.

Our research with employees and HR decision makers shows that there is a disconnect between how they perceive the quality of the learning and development opportunities that are delivered today. There is more to do to upskill people for the jobs of the future, but there is hope on the horizon.

Download our report to discover:

  • How 1,500 employees and 1,000 HR decisions makers view the quality of their learning and development opportunities
  • How much a lack of learning and development is likely to cost the UK economy
  • The likely impact if UK businesses fail to use learning and development to realise and exploit a tech-fuelled future workplace.
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