Improve outcomes for children and young people with the whole picture

Your priority is to support every child and young person to achieve their potential - which means being able to intervene early to have the greatest chance of success in delivering positive outcomes.

But when you’re faced with limited resources, it’s hard to know where, and when, to prioritise support, not to mention the vast range of day-to-day operations required as part of meeting your statutory responsibilities.

Our flexible, intuitive software is already helping over 100 UK local authorities to manage their education services more efficiently, offering a uniquely comprehensive and integrated suite of solutions for school admissions, attendance, transport, youth justice, early years and much more.

By connecting data securely, you have the whole picture of children and young people for more informed decisions and early intervention, whilst our time-saving solutions free your teams to focus on safeguarding children and delivering targeted support.

Discover how we can support your transformation to the cloud

Key statistics


➥ The number of UK local authorities using our software to manage and improve education and children’s services

> 560,000

➥ School place applications, successfully processed through our software in 2021

Hear from our customers

Emma Toublic,

Head of Education Information and Business Systems at Essex County Council

“We’ve been able to decrease our need to access individual data sources, such as spreadsheets and other databases, by over 50% in one year.”

Our powerful, fully-integrated education services solutions:

Education services

Our core module providing a single, comprehensive record for each child to help local authorities manage education provision efficiently, easily integrating with other systems for informed decisions and early intervention.

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Single View

Our Single View dashboard helps local authorities spot crucial connections in society sooner by combining data sources to flag vulnerable people - and unfolding situations that would otherwise remain hidden - before events escalate.

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Attendance collection

Our attendance collection tool is helping local authorities to collect school attendance data for vulnerable children from schools inside and outside of their borders, helping them to improve outcomes by understanding patterns earlier.

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Admissions and transfers

Simplifying the complex school applications process, our integrated software and self-service portal enable local authority teams to be more efficient, providing a positive experience for parents and carers.

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Early intervention

You need to know if a child or family’s situation changes. Our solutions enable you to draw on a wide range of information - from schools and agencies – for the whole picture of a child’s life.

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Early years

We make it easier to improve outcomes for young children and families with self-service options and reporting tools which help you deliver services efficiently and effectively.

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Personal Education Plan (PEP)

Our online tool simplifies and streamlines the management of Personal Education Plans (PEPs), making it easier to reflect the views of the child - and everyone in their life - to achieve better outcomes.

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Integrated youth support services

Improve outcomes with a more complete, shared view of every young person, so your team can work together with other services to identify those at risk and target interventions.

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SEND management

Flexible, intuitive case management tools integrate seamlessly with our user-friendly citizen and professional portals, automatically populating the back-office database to reduce administration.

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Transport management

Transport solutions to help you deliver your responsibilities effectively, including home-to-school travel, SEND and social care transport.

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