I came to Capita on a two-week internship, having completed a programme for ex-offender entrepreneurs called ReMake. It’s been my second chance, and nine months later I’m still here, working on Capita’s socially responsible programmes for ex-offenders and refugees. It’s given me the confidence to know that I will one day be able to make my dream of owning my own business a reality.

Making sense of the corporate world

As someone who’s never worked in the corporate world before, Capita was a strange new place to make sense of. My colleagues seemed to speak a different language, and I didn’t understand their decisions or processes. And because interns don’t take on much responsibility, I couldn’t see how my voice, or my work, might make an impact.

Finding my mentors

That all changed the moment I started working with Eileen Lewis, who runs Capita’s socially responsible programmes. Eileen is a powerhouse of ideas, and she provokes me to see my work, and my life, from new angles. With her unending patience, I can now see more solutions than problems.

With Eileen’s support, I started taking on more responsibility. I designed a one-day induction programme to develop reasonable expectations for future ReMake interns during their journey with Capita, and now I’m taking charge of the newest cohort. It’s been my chance to use my personal experience to help the new interns transition more smoothly into the corporate world.

My faith has also been a hugely important part of my journey and has inspired me to persevere, even when I have found the role challenging.

Developing my skills

Now I can see the impact of my work every day. I support Eileen with Capita’s diverse programmes to provide opportunities to individuals who might typically face barriers to employment or progression. These programmes are designed to support different under-represented groups, including ex-offenders, refugees, Black graduates and young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds – it’s all about finding innovative ways to provide opportunity and bring in more diverse colleagues.

There are so many things that make me feel proud of my work at Capita: I’ve learned to manage my stress, I’ve been trusted with work that really matters, and I’ve gained new leadership skills at the Capita Academy.

Building my future

My ultimate dream is to set up my own business. I want to keep working with people that need a second chance in life, and so I’m going to open an honesty box café that will provide a safe space, guidance, and community.

When I support new interns at Capita, I always give them this advice: balance your expectations with those of the business, find your support network, and make time for your personal development. If you can do that, Capita can give you a second chance at life.


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