Having support and guidance is one of the keys to success for any leader, and the armed forces are no different.

Senior leaders within these institutions have heavy-duty responsibilities and objectives, including the running of platforms and bases which is why one of our learning armed forces clients needed a training programme to support their leadership development.

Establishing a conducive environment for leadership development

The responsibilities and challenges for senior leaders can often lead to feelings of isolation due to the structure of the hierarchy and the lack of peers in their day-to-day environment. Imposter syndrome and self-doubt are some of the most common yet limiting factors that affect leaders, and it’s important to have the support to overcome these challenges.

A personalised and scalable learning framework

Our team of experts identified the need for a revolutionary coaching programme for the client’s leaders. This would allow them to gain a better understanding of their own behaviour and how their lived experiences may be impacting their leadership, as well as provide insights into alternative management approaches.

With a successful managed learning service framework already in place and long-standing relationships with a rich network of experts, our team was able to source a cohort of experienced coaches and develop a bespoke, tailored programme for the client.

Prior to beginning the programme, individuals completed psychometric testing which provided a foundation for their learning. Chemistry interviews between the participant and coaches allowed them to choose the coach they felt they would work best with based on their approach.

To ensure the project’s success, both ourselves and the client recognised the importance of treating leaders individually. Participants could choose from a four to six session programme, with the vast majority completing six sessions. A comprehensive feedback initiative was developed upon completion in order to understand the impact on the leaders, as well as areas to build on for the future.

Accelerating leadership growth

The coaching framework that we implemented enabled leaders to recognise and deal with the many challenges they were faced with, having a huge tangible impact not only on themselves but also on their teams. Out of the 140 members who received the training:

  • 95% of the trainees noticed a change in their performance and effectiveness.
  • 80% said that they felt more motivated in their roles as a result of the coaching.

Following the extremely positive feedback from the programme, with 92% saying they would recommend the coaching to a colleague and 90% wanting to receive further coaching, the organisation extended the initiative to individuals at lower levels. 

Through our strong ecosystem, they were able to offer each level a different training provider to ensure confidentiality and that the level of coaching required was met. Due to the success of the initiative, the organisation has extended the contract well beyond the original four-year term and we continue to provide market-leading service and support to the armed forces.

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